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Unveiling the Grimm Truth:
Rediscover the Original Fairy Tales

Welcome to the threshold of truth and tale, where you, an astute seeker of the hidden narrative, will unravel the fabric of the original Grimm lore. I am Lamar Grimm, descendant of the legendary storytellers, and guardian of a legacy that reveals a much darker hue to the tales you thought you knew.


Within the faded pages and fragmented accounts left to me, the pristine endings of childhood fables are nowhere to be found. Instead, we encounter a reality where "happily ever after" is a rare gem, obscured by the dust of centuries.


Your insight is crucial to this quest. By examining the remnants of the original Grimm stories, your efforts will illuminate the truths that time has shadowed. Below are the gateways to the genuine sagas of Little Red Cap, Cinderella and Snow White, as well as Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty. These are not the tales for the faint of heart, but for those brave enough to seek what lies beneath the surface.


Join me on this journey to reconstruct what was lost and to honor the true spirit of the Grimm chronicles. Our partnership begins with a single click below.


Together, let's lift the veil from these tales and reveal their authentic essence. Thank you for being part of this indispensable revival. Welcome to Grimm Mysteries.

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Find the Killer in
Cinderella's Castle


Who Killed
Snow White's Prince

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